Alejandro Aranda Rickert is an argentinean artist born in Buenos Aires in 1969. In his body of work one perceives a deep interest in matching traditional genres and forms with contemporary techniques and contents. The tension between such elements, that is already to be found in his early works, made him develop a language both familiar and unfamiliar to us, in which it is possible to trace all kinds of quotes and allusions. This, however, far from leading us to understand his way of using Art History material as a mere strategy to legitimate his own, makes us interpret it as an opportunity to establish a dialogue intended as reflexion. If the subjective implies an intersubjective construction, and if the individual is only thinkable in a collective framework, then one can understand how a portrait, a still life or a nude results from the counterpoint between what is present and belonging to oneself and what is past and belonging to the others, and how such a counterpoint gives rise to a pictorial reality that reflects less the material world than the world of the mind.

AAR learnt Drawing, Painting and Sculpture at the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón in Buenos Aires.While doing his major, he was awarded a Kuitca Scholarship. After College a Fulbrigth Scholarship enabled him to travel to the US, where he pursued his art training. He got a Master´s degree at the State University of New York and worked later in a NYC art foundry. In the year 2001 he would move to Cologne, Germany, in whose University he became an Art History major. At the present time he lives and works in B.A

Prof. M. Webster