A p.m - an articulable and extensible arm made of brass rods and joints and a little piece of wood, with a needle that slides back and forth - is a measuring tool that allows sculptors to make all kinds of stone and wood carving out of a plaster or terracota model. With the p.m it is possible to extract from a given block a same size carved piece. Among all the indirect carving methods - three calipers, numerical scales, frames with plummets, etc - this is certainly the simplest and most precise.
The principle upon which the machine is based is to transfer all the measuring of the model into the block and thus generate a volume.
Once mounted on a T-shaped brass support and once established the three reference points on the model, one procceeds holding the p.m to these points and moving the p.m´s arm so that the needle makes contact with a point x in the model, e.g the tip of the nose - if the model we deal with is a bust. The next step is to hold the p.m to the three reference points on the block and search the point x inside. As the needle is retractable, one needs to drill or carve into the block till the needle reaches its top and the exact position of x is revealed. In order to find other points - the chin, the crown of the head, the tips of the ears, etc.- the process must be repeated. The more points we have, the more precise and faithful will be the carving.Taking into account that three points define a plane and that three planes build up a volume, it is not hard to imagine how a sculpture gradually comes out.

Herewith we present a model which is more practical, stronger and less expensive than the standard european and american versions.

Prize US$ 380 + Shipping Cost

máquina máquina